Movingstar | Community

The Bay Area is for all of us to enjoy and without assistance some people do not have the opportunity to benefit from all the great things this city has to offer. That's why Movingstar is honored to give back to the people and community that have contributed to our success for many years now. We are a proud donor, distributor, and volunteer throughout schools, hospitals and food banks in the greater San Francisco area.

Clients receiving a Movingstar estimate are always given food bags. Much to our delight these food bags are usually returned stuffed with food from their pantry. This food is then distributed to food banks including; Redwood Empire, Marin County, Alameda County Community,Santa Clara Community and Second Harvest.

Our employees have become so involved in this righteous endeavor that they spend some of their free time volunteering at these kitchens. (Click here to see relevant testimonials)

Clothing and toys are other popular items which can go a long way in brightening the day of many unfortunate children. People don't realize until they begin packing for their new home how many articles of clothing they have that don't fit anymore or how many toys they own which aren't being used. This is the perfect opportunity to reduce the amount of boxes that need to be packed by donating these possessions to a good cause. Over the years we have contributed thousands of toys and clothing to the Children's Hospital Health Center, University of California/San Francisco Medical Center as well as many Church organizations. By handling thousands of donations, we have become quite good at getting the proper items to the right people and it's all because of our customer's support.

We also distribute furniture to school systems throughout the area. We are a major contributor to the New Haven Unified School District, which includes Union City and part of south Hayward, Alameda County. With an enrollment of over 12,000 students, your furniture has always been welcomed with open arms by these school systems.

We are always open to new suggestions on ways to improve thousands of lives around the Bay Area. Our employees call this place home and believe in making it the best home for everybody. We want to be the company that makes a difference within our community and with your continued support many people's lives can be changed forever.