Services | Storage

If you require storage of your items before your new location will be ready, arrangements can be made to store your inventory in our secure warehouse facility. We can store goods for any length of time. When you are ready for your items, we simply continue the completion of the delivery to your new location.

Our warehouse is "containerized" storage facility. This means your goods are placed into sealed wooden vaults that are fork-lifted into position in our warehouse. This type of storage provides the best security for your goods. Larger pieces that do not fit into a storage vault are placed on special racks or storage areas that are away from traffic and dust.

When storing your goods, you will be given a copy of the exact list of inventory items that have been put into storage. When you want to move out your items you can take any part of or all of your shipment, as you are ready, by appointment. We will have your goods ready for you where you want them, and when you want them.

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