Local Moving

Moving within the same city or metropolitan area? Moving star has the tools to make that happen.

Moving In California

Moving within the state of California? As a licensed carrier (CAL-T-PUC#191760) with the California Public Utilities Commission(CPUC), we provide moving services anywhere within the state. When moving within the state, you will either have a local move or an intrastate move, depending on the distance travelled.

What Is A Local Move?

A local move is defined as any move covering 100 miles or less from point A to point B. Examples of this would be moving from San Jose to San Francisco or Fremont to Berkeley. Local moves are based on hourly rates that vary according to the needed manpower and number of vehicles involved. In the event you move more than 100 miles between residences or offices, you would have an intrastate move. Charges would be based on the distance travelled, the weight of the items shipped, and additional services such as packing. Examples of this would be moving from San Francisco to San Diego. Please feel free to contact our office if you would like further information or wish to schedule an estimate.

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